Gnome 3 top bar drag auto maximize

Written by  on October 22, 2014 

This log has become more about arbitrary tech tricks than anything else. So, I may as well log this as well. The single most irritating thing about Gnome 3 has been the automatic maximize for windows when I drag it to (or rather past) the top bar. There are numerous posts out there claiming it’s the fault of Compiz or Metacity and referring to various options that don’t necessarily even exist in Gnome 3.14. The only solution I could find is this. Side edge tiling is mildly useful… but disabling the absolutely stupid auto-resize top edge tiling is definitely worth the loss. For lazy people who don’t want to click the link (or in case it disappears before this log):

$ dconf read /org/gnome/shell/overrides/edge-tiling
$ dconf write /org/gnome/shell/overrides/edge-tiling false
$ dconf read /org/gnome/shell/overrides/edge-tiling

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