Web log posts

Written by  on May 30, 2008

Sheesh! It’s like pulling teeth to get anyone to post to a web log. I suppose there are two fundamental blockages: 1) a phantom requirement for high quality and 2) the idea that there should be some clever or interesting content in the log entry.

But, both of these are pure vapor. People seem to be very willing to post silly and overly personal messages on their Facebook or Twitter feeds. They even seem willing to use four letter and misspelled words. Now, I agree that a semi-professional web log shouldn’t be populated with unverified “facts”, overly personal information, or contentless snippets. But if an obsessive desire for high quality and interesting content prevent one from ever posting anything, well, that seems like a personality disorder more than an honest attempt at high quality or interesting content… to me, anyway.

Besides, the very point of a web log is that it be a log. It’s not a news publication. It’s not a venue for peer-reviewed journal articles or vetted press releases. It’s a log. Logs are populated with entries, some of which turn out, later, to be useless evidence of the enthusiastic but myopic detailed exploration of rat holes and dead ends. Some of the entries, of course, end up being the fundament of astounding insight or fecund intellectual property. But not everything in a log has to be brilliant or clever.

Take this entry, for example. 8^)